Eurasian Kids Society
Kamilla Aliyeva


14 years old

City of residence


Educational institution

Republican Multidisciplinary Boarding School For Gifted Children

The winner

I am a multiple winner of regional competitions in mental arithmetic, twice Champion of the North Caucasus Championship, twice Champion of All-Russian championships and World Champion; I am also a winner of various reading competitions; I am also a second-degree Laureat of the Second Professional Republican Competition for the best performance of Dagestani Composers for piano.

I came to victory thanks to

Organization, hard work, effort and work.

I like

Read and  learn a lot of interesting things and I like animals.

I do not like 

Sit idly by and do not like reptiles (snakes, lizards) and insects.

I want to wish my peers

If you like something, then be sure to do it. Set goals and achieve them. If something is wrong, never postpone the goal "for later", make more effort, but achieve it. Be versatile, think positively, be creative, forget the word "laziness" be disciplined, plan your day, start it early and make the most of it.

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