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You've probably heard that one of the main modern human problems is significant climate change on the planet. What is the reason for this phenomenon? Probably because we have been choosing energy sources that harm our planet for over a hundred years. Due to the huge number of cars and other technological objects, so-called greenhouse gases are emitted into the atmosphere, due to which the Earth does not have time to cool down and heats up more than it should be. This affects the process, which scientists call global warming, and it will not bring anything good to our planet.

Therefore, the future of humanity actually depends on the correct choice of energy source and technology. In recent decades, more and more countries are switching to the so-called renewable energy - this is the use of energy from the sun, waves and wind, which is always in abundance and which does not need to be extracted over and over again, such as oil. You don't need to mine - but you definitely need to catch and tame. Especially such a wayward element as the wind.

The Russian company Rosatom, which builds nuclear power plants (NPPs) in Russia and around the world, is also engaged in the development and wind generation in our country. And not only by it, but generally by carbon-free energy. This is the so-called "green square" - the development of wind generation, solar generation, hydro generation and nuclear power. When using these energy technologies, thermal emissions and volumes of emitted carbon dioxide are equal to zero. It is believed that the planet's transition to renewable energy will allow to a greater extent to solve the accumulated problems with the climate.

Wind power is very well developed in Europe - in 2019, wind farms produced 15% of all electricity consumed in this region. Russia is still significantly inferior in the development of wind power plants to European countries. But Rosatom is already paying serious attention to this industry. From January to June 2020 alone, new solar and wind power stations with a total capacity of 500 MW were put into operation, and in total, by the end of the year, investors plan to 1300 MW. So that you understand - these capacities are enough to provide energy to small cities and many villages.

In 2016, Rosatom won a tender for the construction of wind power plants in Russia with a total capacity of 610 MW. Subsequently, the project portfolio was increased to 1 GW. Having analyzed the technologies available on the market, the corporation specialists chose the Dutch company Lagerwey as a partner. The partnership implies the organization of the production of wind turbines in Russia and the transfer of technologies required for the construction of wind turbines. And already in March 2020, the first wind power plant of Rosatom - the Adyghe wind farm - has already started supplying electricity to the Russian market! Believe me, soon, wherever you go in our vast country, everywhere your eye will find beautiful slender wind generators, or, simply, wind turbines.

Let's take a look at the main benefits of wind power.

  • Minimum losses during transmission of electricity;
  • The wind turbine occupies a small area in comparison with other power facilities;
  • An almost endless source of energy - the wind almost always blows;
  • The adjacent territory can be used for agricultural purposes;

Environmentally friendly energy, without harmful emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, as well as other negative impact on the environment and humans.

You can read more about this on a special website dedicated to wind generation. And in our next issue we will tell you about what wind farms are.

Good wind to you and see you!

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