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1. Secondary school №5, Yoshkar-Ola

The building resembles either Hogwarts, or Disneyland's Cinderella castle. The construction of the school began in the 1990s; businessman Sergey Mamaev invested money in it. Primary school and kindergarten were combined in one building. Today they give a complete education - 11 classes. The school also conducts trainings for parents on interaction with children.

2. The first multicultural school №1650, Moscow

This School has no analogues in the world. Children of 32 nationalities study here: Belarusians, Russians, Jews, Armenians, Abkhazians, Koreans, Latvians, Germans, Greeks, Bashkirs ... Children can study the language, literature, culture, traditions of their own (or another - at their choice) nation. Also, a cycle of special educational disciplines has been introduced into the school program: "Culturology", "Ethnology", etc. There are many creative groups in the school where children can reveal their talents.

3. Boarding school Letovo.

The school teaches gifted children in grades 7-11 from different parts of the country, who have passed a rigorous selection. Education at Letovo is bilingual, so each graduate will be able to receive, in addition to a Russian certificate, an international diploma. At school, children live in separate buildings.

4. Nomad schools, Yakutia

Nomad schools are in demand among the children of nomad reindeer herders in Yakutia. Previously, such children either did not receive education at all, or remained to live in a boarding school for a long time. Now there are more than ten "nomadic" classes in Yakutia. One of these nomadic schools is Kenalakan. At each new camp, the nomads always have a small school tent, where classes for children are held. Students receive the same knowledge as students in regular schools. Homework is received via the Internet, where they also see their grades in an electronic diary.

5. Environmental School No. 446, Moscow

School with an emphasis on the ecological field. The students of the school, together with the teachers, were the first in Moscow to create an ecological path in the Izmailovsky forest park, which has become a “study room” in nature.

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