Eurasian Kids Society
Yaroslav Podyapolsky


11 years

City of residence



GBOU "Lyceum of Vorobyovy Gory"


2nd place in the World Championship in Mental Arithmetic, Malaysia, 2018. 1st place in the World Championship in Mental Arithmetic, Cambodia, 2019. Olmath Olympiad Mathematics, 1st and 2nd degree diplomas.

I came to victory thanks to

Thanks to the teachers - Yulia Yuryevna Luchkina, Yulia Anisimova, my mother, my desire.

I like

Mathematics, physics, computer science.]

I do not like

When they bully, tease, swear, loud sounds and when it is dirty.

I want to wish my peers

Dream - and you will succeed. In February 2020, I wanted to study in Moscow. And everything worked out!

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