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Below are the most significant and successful organizations operating within the industries and fields of the future. Ranging from educational organizations to large enterprises and corporations, these are the leaders in their field . 

If you choose to pursue careers mentioned on our website, there is a high probability that you will join these organizations and lead the charge into the future.

Russian Environmental Operator
Respect for natural resources and civilized waste management
The largest international innovative biotechnology company in Russia.
Otkritie Bank
Universal bank with diversified business structure and recognized by the CBR as a systemically important financial institution.
A global technology leader uniting assets in energy, mechanical engineering, construction.
Social platform of the Roscongress Foundation aimed at maintaining a dialogue between business, government and civil society
Nuclear Industry Women
The company was established in 2017 with the aim of developing a professional community of women specialists working in the nuclear industry in Russia.
A multidisciplinary analytical center that conducts market and public opinion research for large companies and government agencies.
The legendary Russian studio "Yeralash" is a center for the comprehensive development of children and youth and a highly professional film school.
Global Academy of Mental Arithmetic. Allows you to make instant calculations in your mind using a special counting method "Abacus".
Bussines Kids
Business school for children and teenagers, which helps to improve the skills and thinking of successful entrepreneurs, the best top managers and the best experts in their fields.
National payment Association
Association for the development of the Russian market of non-cash payments, as well as increasing the role of non-cash and electronic payments.
RZD Medicine
A network of healthcare institutions, one of the leaders in industrial medicine, a departmental company Russian Railways
Eurasian Women's Forum
The largest authoritative international platform for discussing the role of women in modern society.
Russian Franchising Association
Organization for creating a legal and economic environment for the distribution of franchising.
Baskin Robbins
The Baskin Robbins company in Russia began to develop according to the traditional franchising scheme, its franchise turned out to be the first foreign franchise in the history of our country.
Sound Media
Sound Media is a separate world of art, where there are no cliches, where every child is unique in its own way.
Who are you?
Reality show "Who are you !?" - a new large-scale author's project from the music producer and CEO of Sound Media, Tatiana Tur.
Kids Rock Fest
The first family rock festival in Russia, where it is comfortable and interesting for both children and parents together!
Опора России
Деятельность «ОПОРЫ РОССИИ» направлена на решение актуальных вопросов из самых разных сфер, с которыми сталкиваются российские предприниматели.
Russia's leading intellectual property agency
Онлайн-занятия для детей от 3 до 10 лет. Подготовка к школе и повышение успеваемости младших школьников.
Большая перемена
«Большая перемена» — конкурс для тех, кто готов меняться и менять мир. Здесь рулят не оценки, а способность нестандартно мыслить.
Академия талантов
Одна из ведущих образовательных площадок Санкт-Петербурга, где созданы особые условия для творчества и разностороннего развития школьников и педагогов.
Школа «Лидеры»
Надежная школа для успешного будущего вашего ребенка.

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