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«The Great Journey»

This exciting interactive game introduces children to the world of Russian industry in an accessible and interesting way. Going on the "Big Journey", young Russians will not only be able to understand how factories work and the budget of Russia is formed, but will also gain a lot of useful knowledge, and independently learn how to distribute pocket money.

Children are an invaluable resource of the country, a source of its prosperity and successful development, they will replace us, and the future of their own children and the country as a whole will depend on how competently and professionally they manage all the life processes of society and the state.

It is important from an early age to form their interest in participating in the “affairs and life” of their native country. In this sense, the game "Big Journey" of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia provides an interesting and exciting presentation of important and difficult for understanding, even for adults, material in a playful form, which lays the foundation for professional knowledge in the field of public administration and forms an active life position of young citizens of the Russian Federation.

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