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Who are you?

Teenagers from different cities of Russia get together to show their talents and compete for the first place. Applicants from thirteen to seventeen years old participate in the competition. Under the guidance of experienced bloggers, choreographers and vocal educators, they study music, dance and record vlogs, showing their results at a weekly reporting concert. Each participant records his own track following the results of the reality show.

The winner of the project is determined by a star jury, he receives 1 million rubles. The runner-up is awarded the right to record his own album.

In the first season, eleven children participated, they lived on an island in Thailand. According to the terms of the transfer, the participants must be cut off from the outside world in order to completely immerse themselves in creativity and overcome their fears, learn to adapt to circumstances. Mark Potapov won.

In the second season, thirteen teenagers passed the selection, the location was a villa in Sochi. At the first concert, the guys were visited by Klava Koka, who supported young talents and expressed her opinion about their work.

The main producer of "Who are you ?!" Tatiana Tur, founder of the Sound Media Center and author of the book "Small steps to a big goal" speaks. The main mentors of the project are bloggers Lyusya Chebotina, Nastya Kot and Sasha Spielberg.

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