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Dear friend! Our site is dedicated to the topic of choosing your future – here you will learn everything about the most modern and promising professions, about what education and skills you need to acquire in order to master them. We also collect on the site up-to-date information about events that help you train your mind and acquire new knowledge. These are olympiads, contests, games and festivals for active children who are engaged in self-development and do not stand still. So, let's begin.

Home page

The first page is a portal through which you will enter the fascinating world of professions. Having met your guide Maria, you will see a real compass – by pressing a button, you can see which specialties are presented on the site and choose the one that attracted your attention. And if you want to choose further, you just need to start the rotation of the compass again.

Below you will find a test that, with the help of 11 questions, will lead you to a better understanding of your own interests and hobbies and to navigation in which professional field you feel more comfortable. Ecology or information technology, journalism or sociology, medicine or energy – testing will offer you several options and directions in which you can develop.

This is followed by the «This is interesting» section – the most recent and interesting publications of EKS, as well as our heroes – society members who inspire all our friends and participants with their successes. And in the very bottom block you will find a form with which you can join the Eurasian Kids Society – and receive announcements of all our events and the privileges of a club member!


The main section of our portal is a catalog of future professions! Modern specialties, which will be in demand in the very near future, are neatly arranged on the shelves - branches. Now it is Medicine, Energy, Information Technology, Ecology, Biotechnology, Sociology, Finance, Mass Media and Diplomacy. But soon new directions will be added to them.

After reading a short text about the industry, you can see the related profession cards. In each card you will find a detailed description: the definition of the profession, the story of how it arose and changed over time. And also a story about in which areas of human activity this specialist will be useful, and interesting facts about the profession. Useful materials are also posted here - which books to read or videos to watch on the topic, plus publications of our portal related to this specialization.

And, of course, on the page of each profession you will find a list of skills and knowledge that are necessary in order to master this specialty. If you want to play again, then on the main page "Become a Pro" you will find another compass-game: choosing from the list of skills and knowledge that interest you, you can see different options for professions that suit you.

Another interesting thing is the filter system at the top of the page. By choosing from a list of professions, industries, skills and knowledge, you can pick up the profession cards that interest you.


Did you know that the Eurasian Kids Society organizes a variety of offline activities? Our goal is to develop children's intelligence, entrepreneurial abilities and an active life position. Therefore, our interesting and useful events are held in partnership with the most advanced business schools and companies. Our friends include the Business Kids School for Gifted Children, the UCMAS Academy of Mental Arithmetic, the Skolkovo Foundation, as well as major companies such as Rosatom, IBM, Johnson & Johnson and many others.

Work and study

After reading a lot of interesting facts about the professions of the future, you can learn about where you can study and work after graduating from school and university. In this section you will find information about all our partners - companies, each of which is a leader in its industry. It is in these companies that vacancies for the specialties that are described on our website will soon appear. Here you can read a description of what this or that company is doing, its success story, and also find a link to its official website.


Only on the EKS website you will find the latest and most relevant information about what is happening in the world of education, science, technology and innovation. But first our Heroes will meet you. These are guys who work day and night and stubbornly go towards their goal – to become successful professionals in demand and bring benefit to people, making our world a better place.

Then you will see a list of publications. Only on the EKS website you will find announcements of the most prestigious Olympiads and competitions in which you can take part. These are Moscow, regional and international events - forums, conferences, round tables, which may be of interest to your parents. And also – educational games, quizzes, exhibitions, concerts, streams! On the most popular, relevant topics – ecology, biotechnology, high-tech, medicine, science.

In our blogs, we talk about the latest scientific discoveries, conduct virtual excursions to interesting places like a biological laboratory. And we also broadcast conversations with iconic speakers who can reveal professional secrets about how to become successful and in demand, give irreplaceable advice on self-realization and choosing a life path.

Thanks to our publications, blogs and digests, you will be able to freely navigate the world of modern education, career guidance and innovation. We are glad to welcome you to the EKS website and wish you a happy and successful journey!

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