Eurasian Kids Society
Abduraimova Jennet Agamuradovna

As a child I dreamed of becoming

An actress. From an early age I had absolutely no free time. Parents for the last money took me to various tutors, circles and sections (taking into account the fact that I am the fifth child in the family). And I rarely got a chance to watch TV. And that rare feeling of pleasure from watching films more and more influenced my dream - to be an actress! At the same time, at school I was an excellent student, an annual finalist of Olympiads in almost all major subjects. But because of this, my choice of a further specialty became more difficult, since closer to entering the university, I could not understand in any way what was closer to me and in what I was stronger.

 And on the eve of the deadline for submitting documents, I accidentally found out about the field of intellectual property! It is this area that combines the basic fundamental sciences, disciplines and knowledge. And it was love at first sight! Despite a difficult childhood, financial difficulties, trials of fate, I managed to get several educations and realize myself in this life as a worthy specialist (of course, not for me to judge), madly in love with his profession. And I was always helped by my unchanging motto in life: "Everything that does not kill us makes us stronger!"

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